2 thoughts on “Has Anyone Been On A Speed Awareness Course?”

  1. Attended a course the other day 4hrs long , I have to say this course was excellent I’ve been driving since 1971 first job I did involved travelling around the UK , the information given on the speed awareness course is really good , gives you information that can’t be covered when preparing for a driving test , and covered how things have changed since I started driving anyway ,( who carries on reading the Highway Code after passing test ?) first time I’ve ever comitted a driving offence( will try my best to make it my last ) , this course has invaluable information to try to avoid any speed offence,at the end of the day it’s down to us the drivers to control and concentrate while driving a really relaxed and helpful course , brilliant . Wouldn’t mind doing similar courses again not because of committing an offence but just for education and information

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