2 thoughts on “Any One Been On A Speed Awareness Course?”

  1. I am one of thousands who have done a speed course , all of us for trifling excess of around 5 mph . I have to say the information and figures they provide is very good especially in regard of the effects that different speeds have on hitting people , and on stopping distances . It is all an eyeopener and worth knowing .
    What is also an eyeopener is the amount of money each classroom of say 40 offenders generates at around £80 per head ,thats £3200 . Minus the cost of the room , a days wages for a couple of driving instructors , the minuscule cost of office work for sending out the offence notice and the uncharacteristically free tea and bikkies , and I am sure there is still a large sum left over for HMG .The official line is that it is intended to educate , not punish —but of course it manages to do both

  2. Holiday Inn ,Newport.
    Two weeks after attending course I received a £100 parking fine.
    This was rescinded on this one occasion.
    On the day I had followed instructions for registering my car in the hotel carpark. I thought no more of it. However the inference is that I made a mistake.
    Please TTC provide parking proof or else use another venue.

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