Speed Awareness Course

Known as the Speed Awareness Course, The National Speed Awareness Scheme (NSAS) has been developed following the success of the National Driver Improvement Scheme (NDIS). The purpose of the courses provided by the NSAS is to provide an educational alternative to prosecution.

National Speed Awareness Course

Speed Awareness course designed by The National Association of Driver Intervention Providers (NADIP) in conjunction with the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) have developed a number of courses which are run to the national model throughout the UK. The courses are run successfully by Local Authority, or private companies, who are contracted as service providers for their respective Police Authorities.

The Speed Awareness Course is an alternative to prosecution, for all speed bands and classes of vehicle speeds, with the exception of 20 mph zones. However, the course is not a soft option, as attendance on the course will include a fee for the services of the authorities, as well as the time and effort involved. The course is modular and may vary between districts. Most areas will adopt the theory-only element of the course which lasts approximately four hours. However, there is an option for an authority to add a practical element to the course, which adds an extra hour to proceedings. Safety Camera Partnership

The course will cater for all classes of drivers, previous driving history will not be taken into account, and there will be no discrimination regarding age, ability, language, or ethnic origin.

The National Speed Awareness Scheme (NSAS) will allow speeding offenders to take a course in the area of their choice, providing the areas authority has adopted the arrangements for the courses to be held. Once a motorist has completed the course, they will be ineligible for another course for the duration of three years. If they re-offend in that time, there is no other option but to be prosecuted.